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Using MySite to Change Canvas/IMC Lab Passwords

Student Technical Support. | Saddleback RDC Help | PC Virtual Lab

Additional Help: | If all else Fails | contact Change Password | help

Username on all systems is:

  • firstIntialLastNameUniqueNumber all lower case
  • This is Your saddleback E-Mail
  • Exception Computers located on Saddleback Campus
    • Need to append Your Domain either @saddleback.edu or @ivc.edu

Passwords on cim (questionnaire, submit, phpMyAdmin and ftp) is your Student Number aka Student ID

Passwords MySite/SB E-Mail/Canvas

  • Password Entered When You Registered Online
  • Or Recently Changed Password on SB E-Mail
  • Changes to SB E-Mail Password Synchronize w MySite & Canvas
  • Or 4 Digit PIN + 00
  • Or Last 4 SSN + 00
  • Note Exception cim.saddleback.edu Password is StudentID
  • Canvas only Problems, you may want to login to mysite, then click classes & computer icon next to class.
Virtual Lab acess

Saddleback has virtual PC lab access

instructions: https://www.saddleback.edu/student-support/technical-help/virtual-computer-lab-access

at https://labs.saddleback.edu (Virtual Labs don't have Creative Cloud)

On-campus Mac and Windows Lab in LRC 217 (it has Creative Cloud)

Login Site:| MySite Login Help | Saddleback E-Mail

  • Open Your browser access the Saddleback homepage Student --> Canvas or canvas.saddleback.edu or class site
  • Enter your Username and password. The Username is the first part of your email address (up to the @ sign) Username is lower case
  • Password is: PIN or (last 4 digits of your Social Security Number or PIN assigned at registration) + 00.
  • Username: jsmith9
  • Password: 123400
  • Try to login to mysite first, then goto your class schedule, click computer icon next to class which will automatically login to blackbaord.
  • Still cannot login to blackboard goto if all else fails check the 10 points

  • To forward email login, then click options --> Setting --> Mail Forward (box)

Student Saddleback Login Information
Canvas, Mysite have the same login credentials

IMC Lab Login...

Students must be currently enrolled in a class that includes assignments in the IMC Learning Center to use the Lab computers.

  • At the "Welcome to Windows" dialogue box press the Ctrl + Alt + Del keys.
  • Type in your full SB Username and password. The Username is your email address and your password is your PIN (last 4 digits of your Social Security Number or PIN assigned at registration) + 00. Username and password MUST be typed in lower case only.
  • Username: jsmith9@saddleback.edu
  • Password: 123400
CIM Login

cim.saddleback.edu login for Questionnaire, homepages , Putty, WinSCP, filezilla, or DB phpMyAdmin

  • username is Saddleback username, e.g., jsmith9
    First Initial, Last Name, Unique Number all Lower-Case
  • password is Your Saddleback 5-7 digit student ID (all new students have a 7 digit student ID starting with the number 1)
  • if you are taking cs4b, cimw245, cimw105 your database is DBsbusername, (cimw105 student's also have DB1sbusername)
If all else fails, Check of these 10 Steps...

Remember cim computer doesn't use your mysite/blackboard password, it uses studentID

10. Firewall settings too high - disable your firewall.

9. Are you sure they registered in the course officially?

8. Check Your MySite's class lists? (Click computer icon next to your class to automatically login to blackboard)

7. If in class and no blackbaord access, did you just register? If so wait a day. else Professor may need to make course available using mysite

6. Are you using Blackboard - hee hee, just wanted to see if you're paying attention ;O)

5. Make sure you don't use a personal email to login (such as yahoo or hotmail or gmail) to login to blackboard. All usernames are your Saddleback username.

4. This seems to be the new trend - students either use their full email address - not just their email user name - as their login name. It's a good practice to clarify their user names in an orientation.

7. Sometimes students change their passwords and can't remember. On Campus Students with Email/MySite problems should contact John McCotter in Village4.
Off Campus Students with email problems contact scdestudent@saddleback.edu

8. Married / divorced students that change their names often cause issues because they're trying to use their "other" name to log into the system not realizing that's the reason they can't get in.

9.. Students that add the class late or are new to BB sometimes take 24 to 48 hours to populate into the systems

Using MySite to Reset Your Password
  1. Login to MySite using your student ID number and PIN,
  2. Navigate to Change PIN/Password Option (left hand navigation bar)
  3. Click Link Change Password
  4. Enter student pin and set password
  5. New password is set on IMC Lab Computers, Blackboard and MySite.


FTP doesn't work from laptops to CIM on Campus.