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CIMW 105 SQL/MySQL (Credit)
CIS405NC SQL (non Credit)

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Class is now California State University transfer credit.

All content is on-line. Canvas has a full set of videos and Web-casts, assignments can be graded and turned in 24/7. Class is offered in Summer, and also 1st and 2nd 8 weeks in both fall and spring.

Course is a good first class on learning SQL. SQL has become the standard for communicating to relational databases (RDBMS). We are in the era of RDBMS, they will be with us the rest of our lives. You indirectly issue SQL commands every time you access Facebook, Canvas or perform a credit card transaction.

Orange County typically +1000 jobs requiring SQL

SQL has always been a top technical skill that employers are looking for. Many companies will not hire you unless you know SQL. Usually saw 1000+, 9/23 noticed 896 (economy slowing down?)

The Three Biggest Mistakes for Small Business Owners:

First and foremost, they don't keep accurate data! The success of Walmart, Home Depot and Lowes is largely due to very advance database management systems. Walmarts success is strongly due to effective supply chain management. Walmart has actually had its own Satellite communication systems since 1983, and is the world's 2nd largest computer user. DOD is first. Nota bene, it is hard to count the actual number of systems a corporation has.

Second small businesses grow too fast. You see this all the time with IPOs (initial public offerings) on the Stock market. I cannot help you here. But we are right at home on learning how to organize data. Any student who has ever signed up for any of my classes is currently in my databases.

Third family owned businesses fail on the third generation. The second generation often lacks the first generation product passion. This lack of passion can lead to failure. But since the second generation was influenced directly by the strong work ethics of the first generation, despite lack of product passion, when they need too apply themselves to keep the business alive they can. However, third generation usually grows up in the lap of luxury and never develops a strong work ethics. As a result when they take over the business it usually fails. They are unable to work hard when they need to. This course will actually help you in this area, to complete the class with an A you do have to apply yourself. However, C grade is relatively easy to achieve.

What is SQL?

What is MySQL

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