CIMW 160 JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap and AJAX
CIS 460NC Noncredit tuition-free Version
Fall 2023 - 9/18/23 to 12/13/2023

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Course will support both textbook versions, 6th would be less expensive but 7th would have less typos.
JavaScript Web Warrior Series, Sixth Edition (Rental E-book $30) - vitasource $44 by Sasha Vodnik and Don Gosselin, Course Technology Incorporated, 2015, ISBN 1305078446 - Companion Site -Note Recommended: Valor Books($13.25 Used) - $26.59 rental option, do not spend more than $50 for this book - First 2 Chapters on Google books,.this book parallels the quizzes more closely, but JavaScript Definitive is considered a better book.

Seventh Edition. Amazon $41.99, VitalSource $44, - Valore semester rental $36, semester rental for $36 is not a bad price.

  • ISBN-10: 035763800X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0357638002

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CIMW140 Introduction to CSS Offered Evey Spring

Course covers CSS, CSS2, CSS3, and RWD (Responsive Web Design) . The best way to learn CSS3 and RWD is too first master the basics of CSS and CSS2; Besides mastering the basics of CSS/CSS2, effective responsive Web page design is highly contingent on developing a good bulletproof sound Web page architecture. Class assignments and projects revolve around using a correctly structured Web page. Once a Web page is correctly structured, one can then apply RWD techniques to produce a single Web page or Web application that is responsive to all forms of viewing devices, i.e., PCs, smart phones, tables and hard copies.

Each class session is divided up into teaching CSS basics, analyzing previous design, correctly structuring a Web page and RWD. Class also has videos on using the advance features of Firefox Web developer add-on tools. Chrome has built in Web developer add-on tools.

When CSS first came out it had limited browser support. CSS3 (third level or generation of CSS) was formerly released Q1/2012, within 6 months all browsers including even IE10 supported CSS3.

CIMW 160 Java Script/jQuery/Bootstrap - AJAX

Offered Every Fallmi

Java Script is the predominant client side scripting language. All modern day browser include Java Script engines. In fact, many browser actually compile Java Script into an executable format.

jQuery is a Java-script framework. A framework is a collection of previously written Java-script code that makes it easy, to create Web pages. When dealing with Web pages all Web developers have a similar set of requirement, jQuery is very good at streamlining these requirements. In jQuery has become the most used Java-script framework.

This assignment page implements a jQuery User Interface accordion widget. Class covers jQuery selectors, events, UI (user interface) library and AJAX.

Class also covers Bootstrap a popular RWD framework and AJAX (Asynchronous Java-script and XML). AJAX has become the de facto standard for sending XML formatted data to a Web Page, without having to reload the entire page.