You have completed a traditional 20th-century Class, whats next?

Develop 21st-century IT skills.
They make any white collar job applicant more valuable.

5 Minute MPEG4 Video and PDF Viewgraphs- 21st-century IT Skills Matter

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IT Classes for Everyone especially Future Corporate America Employees

  • cis415 Creating Web Pages, a tuition-free class covering how to create web pages. Covers all the predominant ways of creating modern day web pages: Adobe, Bootstrap, Cloud, and WordPress.
  • cimp 230 Introduction to computers and video game - who said learning computers cannot be fun learn both at once. The class teaches computers and how computers relate to the evolution of video games. Also has several creative/critical thought assignments.
  • cima 223 A QuickBooks Accounting - defacto standard software for managing small business accounting ledgers.
  • cima 106 Database Access - the Microsoft applications for database interfacing
  • cima 108 PowerPoint - in business those who present well are more likely to get ahead. Powerpoint is the standard presentation software.
  • cimw 134 PhotoShop and Basic Video Editing
  • Advance Excel - You will be using spreadsheets the rest of your life, learn spreadsheets at a level above others.

Entry Ways to Learn Programming Logic - Learning to Think is Useful to Everyone

  • cis 405 Tutition-free SQL Database
  • cimp 235 IPhone & IPad Programming - learn about the swift programming languages and anyone can develop Apple apps.
  • cimp 8A Programming with Python - taught Monday night by noted mobile phone developer
  • cimw 140 CSS/RWD The Presentation Language of the Web.

  • 2nd 8 Weeks: cimw 105 Database SQL - defacto standard for communicating to databases, standard google job requirement
  • CIS 460 JavaScript/jQuery/Bootstrap - a tuition-free option to become familiar with the universal Web and Mobile programming language used by all browsers.
    Geared for nonprogrammers and programmers

Nota Bene, CIS courses are tuition-free 21st century skill building courses.

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