CIMP 7B Advance Java - Spring 2022
Professor T. DeDonno
1/18/2022 - 3/18/2022

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10th Resources | 9th Resources 7th Resources - CIMP 7A only needs brief version, comprehensive used in cs4a/cs4b.
Places to Buy Book: Lease $52 for 180Days | For Liang Textbook. | Pearson | Valore Books | International Maybe Less Expensive Version | Rent Text Books | Can Buy either 7th , 8th or 9th Edition

Java Applet Written For Lockheed/Martin By Instructor

Retrospect: Fall 2008 Class Site

Unless your a CS Major take one programming course at a time

In CIMP 7A Intro Java - Offered all three semesters.
CIMP7A is an initial programming course that covers the Java programming language.
InCIMW160 Intro to Client-side JavaScript/jQuery programming, offered every Fall. CIS 460NC tuition-free noncredit version of cimw160.

Structured Query Language (SQL) has become the standard for communicating to a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). RDBMS have become the de-facto standard for organizing data. MySQL is a fast growing RDMBS and also has a library that supports sending SQL commands to its database using the PHP scripting language. Recently Sun Microsystems has purchases MySQL. This will help expand the roll of MySQL beyond a popular Web Database system, into a more mainstream fortune 500 database. CSB4 uses the same MySQL RDBMS as cim205a. More Specifically CIM205A Covers...

  • Basic SQL Syntax
  • Basic SQL Commands and Fundamentals
  • Creating Relational Databases
  • Advance Query Creation
  • MySQL local client interfaces and Web-based tools
CIMW160 JavaScript offered every Fall, Spring and Summer.

JavaScript has become the third most popular programming langauge behind, Java, and C Versions.

Class covers JavaScript ES6 basics, jQuery, jQuery UI, Bootstrap and AJAX. jQuery has become the most popular JavaScript framework. Bootstrap has become the framework of choice for RWD. Bootstrap is a JavaScript, HTML and CSS framework with RWD support all rolled into one framework. AJAX is the future of all Web Development, we pull data from multple sites.

It is a good class to take after completing the Java sequence.