All CIM/CIS classes Taught by Professor Tom DeDonno have the same first Five steps.

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Online classes for CIS, CIMW or CIMP are usually available the Sunday before the semester begins. All on-line/hybrid students need to complete these five steps, ASAP, in many cases by the end of the first week. You complete step 1 then step 2, everything is done systemically top down.

  1. If you don't plan on frequently checking school email, make sure you forward, redirect or set your student e-mail to a system you check often. You can use canvas to check and send emails. You can access your student e-mail from mysite; When you registered, you may have already entered a home or frequently used e-mail address. The Canvas student e-mail systems is used as the basic communication mechanism for all classes. You should have already gotten a Canvas Welcome announcement, you will also get frequent course reminders and updates.

  2. Watch or attend Orientations:
    • Attend or watch archived recorded orientation webcasts
      • Canvas does have previous orientation Web-casts.
      • Some Online Classes will have live weekly Webcasts passwords are available or will be available on a canvas announcements.
    • From my years of experience the biggest mistakes students make are:
      1. Sensational Headlines, skip the details. Details often are everything, skipping videos and not working through canvas modules will cause problems.
      2. some students lack proper preparation,
      3. some procrastinate (stay up with the work, not cut corners)
      4. some have not mastered note taking and/or watching educational (not TV) videos - Review viewgraph hints on watching educational videos.

    Many SB students don't take notes. You can stop videos at any time and take notes. Notice how surprised sheldon is that penny is not taking notes. Notebooks are required for all classes. The first page of your notebook can be the canvas welcome announcement or the class site schedule for the semester. In the previous video, Penny cannot stop sheldon and take notes, however you should and can pause all videos and take notes. It is also typical for highly intelligent people to have a large collection of notebooks and records. In Big Bang theory, even thou Sheldon has an eidetic memory, he is still smart enough to keep detailed records and notebooks.

    Also analyze these graphs, it clearly shows staying up with work and attending classes &/or Web-Casts is the key to success. They also show students who have develop logic and study skills by taking multiple courses excel.

  3. Complete the student CIM questionnaire, make sure you enter a home e-mail address. On CIM all passwords are your five to seven digit student ID or Number, not your blackboard/MySite password.. All new students are getting seven digit student ID's starting with the number one. Your CIM user name is your standard Saddleback user name (first initial last name optional unique number). Your student ID is listed on your class schedule on also on MySite. For help on logging in.

  4. Make sure you are in the right course.
    The beginning programming courses are: cimp3, cimp7a, cimw105, and cimp8a. You can take the four courses in any order. Cimp7b has cimp7a as the recommended preparation.

    In all advance, web courses we always have an HTML review session, don't skimp on this review session, it is a critical building block. The CIS 405NC, 415NC and 460NC are designed to be taken first, but keep in mind CIS 460 is on JavaScript you should have CIMW100A HTML or take cis 415NC concurrently. If you are taking courses such as CIMW 145 PHP, or CIMW 140 CSS you should have experience with an IDE (integrated developers environment) CIMW 115 Dreamweaver/Word Press, and basic Web page nuts and bolts CIMW 100A HTML. In all things in life, it is better to first develop the basic skills (i.e., IDE Dreamweaver, and HTML ) before trying to jump to complex technologies such as JavaScript, CSS and PHP. Concurrent enrollment in CIMW115 which teach basics of Web Design is recommended. CIMP7A Java and CIMW 105 SQL are good first time classes, SQL is a critical technology for all. If a class if full or you cannot add it send me an email.

    With all on-line courses you must work at a steady pace if new to on-line course you can access instructions at Student technical support/. Canvas Canvas Student Support They have vidoes to getting started on canvas and other canvas support pages. The pages locations are frequently changing so PTD can only link to the main Canvas Student Support webpage.
  5. Login to Canvas, take the intro Canvas quiz 0. Watch any specific canvas videos or Webcasts for your specific class. You use Canvas modules as your course guide. The assignment page was the previous detailed course guide. Both will tell you when you need to take a canvas video or complete an assignments. Weekly reminders will be sent out through canvas announcements. The canvas right tab to do list also list near term quiz due dates. For a good one page summary of the entire course requirements refer to either the class site schedule or the canvas left tab bar calendar.

    Good luck this semester
    Professor Tom DeDonno
    Departmental Chairman CIM/CIS/AA