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For Help logging...
into All SB computers, Blackboard Specific login help
New to School
If new to school or having problems getting comfortable with course, cover each bullet below in order they are listed....
  • Orientation for All Web Design Courses
  • Help on Using Course Management System Canvas. All my courses use Canvas for both online videos and quizzes.

  • Student Technical Support for using Canvas. Make sure you are comfortable with online courses if not explore the DE help page further.

  • For specific class introduction video or web-cast, login to Canvas select video tab, click class Intro video. Class intro videos should be listed first.

  • Become familiar with your class sites use click Class Info Button, term and class number

  • Can also directly access class sites, using, where course number is cimw115 Intro to Web Page design, cimw160 for JavaScript/jQuery/Bootstrap, cimw140 for CSS/CSS3 and RWD.
  • Access the assignment page for the class you are taking, and click the print link, use this hard copy print out as the course guide. Nota Bene, you can set your printer to PDF for a PDF hard copy version of the course guide (aka assignment page)
  • Once on class Site make sure you review assignments, syllabus and for some classes tests. Take the intro quiz on blackboard, assess your class site assignment page and complete assignment H0.
  • Optional: Info on Web Design Certificate
If Still Lost...