Class Details:
2nd 8-Wk credit
2nd 8-Wk noncredit

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CIMW 105 SQL/MySQL/CIS 405 NC - Assignment/Quiz Due Dates
Class runs from 03/27/2023 - 05/24/2023 8-weeks
Eight weeks move fast don't procrastinate.

First Week of Class Begins: Monday, 3/27/2023
Add without Instructor Permission by: Sunday, 3/26/2023
Last Day to Add with APC*: Wednesday, 4/5/2023
Drop with Refund by: Friday, 3/31/2023
Drop without "W" Grade by: Wednesday, 4/5/2023
Drop with "W" Grade by: Wednesday, 5/3/2023
Last Week of Class Ends: Wednesday, 5/24/2023


Logic courses build on themselves, make sure you master the basics.
University Calendar

To Begin Module
Canvas Quizzes Due Date
Quizzes are Due Monday expire   Wednesday
Assignments** are Due Monday
1st orientation/intro quiz Due same time as Tutorial Course Orientation
1st Quiz 1 tutorial (10pts)  

submit tutorial.sql (10pts)

2nd Quiz 2 select.sql (10pts)   submit select.sql (10pts)
3rd Quiz 3 intermediate (10pts)   submit intermediate.sql (20pts)

Quiz 4 pmaIntro (10pts)
Its Best to complete pmaView a week ahead
Work ahead now, pace speeds up last 3 weeks.

  submit pmaIntro.sql+ (11pts)

Quiz 5 pmaView 1st 2 Video (10Pts)
Quiz 6 pmaView (15 pts)

Crunch time begins next week, so do Chapter1 and pmaReset now.

  submit pmaView.sql, (15 pts)
5 Chap 1 Quiz (20 pts)
due same time as PMAReset, but A&B get it done sooner Read Chapter 1
5 Quiz 7 pmaReset (10 pts) DB Restore, and Intro Cloud
(relatively easy assignment)
  submit - pmaReset.sql (12 pts)
6 Quiz 8 pmaTrigger (20pts)   submit pmaTrigger.sql (15pts)
Quiz 9 pmaRoutine (20Pts)
Quiz10 pmaTransaction (20Pts)
  submit pmaRoutine.sql (12pts)
and email - pmaReport (15pts)
C Grade Totals 160 Pts *0.92 = 147   120 Pts *0.92 = 105
Table Below is Assignments/Quizzes A & B Student Must Complete
A Quiz Due Date/Quiz Expiration You should complete up to and including pmaView.sql before starting the assignments and quizzes in this table.
5 Assignment Quiz One (20 pts)   submit p21.sql (10 pts)
5 Chapter 2 (20 pts)   submit p58.sql (7 pts)
6 Chapter 3 (20 pts)   submit p87.sql (10 pts)
 6 Chapter 4 (20 pts)   submit p125.sql (21 pts )
7 Chapter 5 (20 pts)   submit p157.sql (20 pts)
7 Chapter 6 (20 pts)   submit p177.sql (15 pts )
7 Chapter 7 Extra Credit (10 bonus pts)   submit casinoNoJoin.sql (10 bonus points)


** For assignments, you may submit them late but they will be penalized. After due date you can complete the assignment in the next 7 days at a 25% penalty, after that the penalty is 50%. However last day of class is last day of class; For a logic oriented course you must complete work in order and at a steady pace. Both the material and assignments build on themselves. For on line courses if you snooze you loose.
+ pma is short for phpMyAdmin

++ Class officially ends 05/25/2022 11 PM