Class Details:
2nd 8-Wk credit
2nd 8-Wk noncredit

Office Hours

First Week of Class Begins: Monday, 3/25/2024
Add without Instructor Permission by: Sunday, 3/24/2024
Last Day to Add with APC*: Wednesday, 4/3/2024
Drop with Refund by: Friday, 3/29/2024
Elect Pass/No Pass by: Wednesday, 5/22/2024
Drop without "W" Grade by: Wednesday, 4/3/2024
Drop with "W" Grade by: Wednesday, 5/1/2024
Last Week of Class Ends: Wednesday, 5/22/2024

CIMW 105 SQL/MySQL/CIS 405 NC - Assignment/Quiz Due Dates
Class runs from 03/25/24 - 05/22/24 8-weeks
Eight weeks move fast don't procrastinate.


Logic courses build on themselves, make sure you master the basics.
University Calendar

To Begin Module
Canvas Quizzes Due Date
Quizzes are Due Monday expire   Wednesday
Assignments** are Due Monday
1st orientation/intro quiz Due Monday before tutorial.sql Course Orientation
1st Quiz 1 tutorial (10pts)   Expiration 2 Days Later

submit tutorial.sql (10pts)

2nd Quiz 2 select.sql (10pts)   submit select.sql (10pts)
3rd Quiz 3 intermediate (10pts)   submit intermediate.sql (20pts)

Quiz 4 pmaIntro (10pts)
Its Best to complete pmaView a week ahead
Work ahead now, pace speeds up last 3 weeks.

  submit pmaIntro.sql+ (11pts)

Quiz 5 pmaView 1st 2 Video (10Pts)
Quiz 6 pmaView (15 pts)

Crunch time begins next week, so do Chapter1 and pmaReset now.

  submit pmaView.sql, (15 pts)
5 Chap 1 Quiz (20 pts)
due same time as PMAReset, but A&B get it done sooner Read Chapter 1
5 Quiz 7 pmaReset (10 pts) DB Restore, and Intro Cloud
(relatively easy assignment)
  submit - pmaReset.sql (12 pts)
6 Quiz 8 pmaTrigger (20pts)   submit pmaTrigger.sql (15pts)
Quiz 9 pmaRoutine (20Pts)
Quiz10 pmaTransaction (20Pts)
  submit pmaRoutine.sql (12pts)
and email - pmaReport (15pts)
C Grade Totals 160 Pts *0.92 = 147   120 Pts *0.92 = 105
Table Below is Assignments/Quizzes A & B Student Must Complete
A Quiz Due Date/Quiz Expiration You should complete up to and including pmaView.sql before starting the assignments and quizzes in this table.
5 Assignment Quiz One (20 pts)   submit p21.sql (10 pts)
5 Chapter 2 (20 pts)   submit p58.sql (7 pts)
6 Chapter 3 (20 pts)   submit p87.sql (10 pts)
6 Chapter 4 (20 pts)   submit p125.sql (21 pts )
7 Chapter 5 (20 pts)   submit p157.sql (20 pts)
7 Chapter 6 (20 pts)   submit p177.sql (15 pts )
7 Chapter 7 Extra Credit (10 bonus pts)   submit casinoNoJoin.sql (10 bonus points)


** For assignments, you may submit them late but they will be penalized. After due date you can complete the assignment in the next 7 days at a 25% penalty, after that the penalty is 50%. However last day of class is last day of class; For a logic oriented course you must complete work in order and at a steady pace. Both the material and assignments build on themselves. For on line courses if you snooze you loose.
+ pma is short for phpMyAdmin

++ Class officially ends Wednesday 05/22/24 11 PM