* note source commands don't work inside phpMyAdmin,
 * However you can import the script using phpMyAdmin import premiere folder
   or you can cut and paste the script into an SQl window using the
   URL location https://cim.saddleback.edu/~premiere
* System has a full set of reset files: *
fruit5TablesAltered.sqlAll 5 tables altered
fruitPreTrigger.sqlDB state prior Trigger Videos
fruitPreRoutine.sqlDB state prior Routine Videos
* * Consistency Note, for the phpMyAdmin video sets, * source files use prefix fruit * submit assignments use prefix pma * * Nota Bene, submit has code folding, click next to line number in column 19, then next to line number 1; * * @author Professor Tom DeDonno 01/15/2014 Modified 9/20 * updated same calls can be used in both phpMyAdmin and submit * */ #1 reset tabels using fruitAlter.sql # Note URL location is https://cim.saddleback.edu/~premiere/fruitReset.sql.html # phpMyAdmin location is import premiere folder # this is the actual harddisk location #1 source /home/premiere/public_html/fruitReset.sql.html; #2 write query to display all table names in your database #3 write a query to display all table:fruit records sorted lexicographically by fruit name #4 write a query to display fruitID and sum( quantity ) for each unique fruitID in inventory #5 Display all records in table:orders sorted by increasing startDate #6 create view inventoryQuantity #7 create view fruitView #8 display all inventoryQuantity records sorted by ascending fruitID /* #9 write query to insert "grannySmith", price $0.50, fruitID 20, inventory quantity 0; * note I cannot test data manipluation queries, 10 will fail it this is wrong * Also, don't include this data manipluation in your local reset file. Hints you cannot insert into fruitView it doesn't have 1:1 relationship to physical tables. Do you need to insert 0 quantity inventory? */ #10 display all fruitView records sorted by ascending name #11 write query to display fruitID, name, price for all fruit w no inventory, # order by name lexicographically #12 display records of table:fruit with price greater than $1.50 with most expensive fruits first # except for queries create view queries (specific insert details) # you should be able to write all queries in this assignment from scratch # if you cannot, write comments delete queries and practice until you can. #