Database Scripts Used in Assignments
Fruit Over Simplified Relational Database
  • For Homework tutorial.sql: fruit.sql | fruit.sql.html second link adds <pre> tag, scripts create both fruit and inventory table
  • Homework PHPMyAdmin FruitTable.sql create only fruit table
  • Homework intermediate.sql run query and add comments on what each query does
  • Homework CS4BfruitCS4B.sql
  • Advance PHPMyAdmin VG3 fruit table scripts...
    • fruitAlter.sql Make sure all primary, foreign keys and engines are equivalent
    • fruitReset.sql - drops everything created in PHPMyAdmin videos, it then creates the five fruit tables, according to fruitAlter.sql specifications. The user should then recreate the two views inventoryQuantity and fruitView which will put the database at the correct state for pmaTrigger.sql (aka phpMyAdmin Video Set 5 Trigger).
    • assignment pmaReset.sql partially completed.
    • fruitTrigger.sql Advance triggers and constraints
    • fruitRoutine.sql orderInvoice procedure and getImageURL function
  • fruit 5 Tables creates all 5 fruit tables, if you don't follow PHPMyAdmin videos exactly you may run into problems delete all the tables in your database (you may have to do this more than once) and then load the 5 fruit tables, then run the fruitAlter.sql script, remember you have two databases DB and DB1.
  • Display Table Data and Web Interface
Premiere "Textbook" Database
Casino Database
Deprecated Apache-Derby Databases Strings