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Prior to using submit

First get the assignment working correctly for Java use Textpad, make sure program compiles and run. For MySQL test all queries before submitting. This system is not designed to be an editing platform. For MySQL, a data manipulation command (i.e., update, insert or create) that is not working correctly, (i.e., SQL syntax error) will not be accurately revealed. For example, if you have an erroneous data manipuliation query, whose output is blank by default, will pass, but the very next select Query will produce an error.

Submit Login

Login using your CIM username and password,

Saddleback Username: firstInitialLastNameUniqueNumber
CIM Password: 5-7 digit Student ID or Number

For more login Help.

Uploading Files

Make sure you select or upload the correct filename, filenames for all assignments are clearly identified in the assignment. You can upload or cut and paste your file into the text edit box.

Once uploaded or pasted into the text box, the file is copied to your login folder on CIM, not your home page. Once a file is uploaded, you can go back anytime and select the file by its file name. Any editing changes are automatically updated in your login folder as soon as you click submit. After successfull user validation, a Web page with two list boxes diesplay all valid assignment filenames. CIM205A assignments are listed in the first SQL dropdown list box. Java assignments are in the second drop down list box.

You can edit files manually with putty/nano/vim and submit them on the Linux command line using the command 'submit assignmentFilename'

System is currently used by CIM205A, CIM7A and CS4A. May add CIM225 and CIM269A in the future.

Interpreting submit output

If header lists syntax error, they your input has a syntax error. This should never occur! Remember submit is not an IDE, it is just for submitting you should always thoroughly test your program before submitting.

First lines identifies where your output first differs from the solution, for the example below the output is
First Difference Occurs at: char 12, line 1
Note the student's output at character 12 has a ., while the solution doesn't

A White space is either a space, tab or newline, if the solution and your output are the same, but the white spaces don't match, then you will see White Space Error

You will see Case Sensitive Error, if you have the same content but a case doesn't match. For example you may have Hello world, but the solution i Hello World. Note W is upper case in solution.

You will see First Line Error, if you have the same content except for the very first line, this is typical in SQL if your field names vary from the solution.

Next set of lines display where your output differs from the solution it uses diff --side-by-side --suppress-common-lines. The diff command outputs only the lines that differ, your output list on the left hand side, the solution is on the left side, program only display 135 characters across.

Your Output "Hello World.\n\n"...
Hello World.

Solution is "Hello World"...
Hello World

Diff output is... Hello World. | Hello World < The | represents a line difference, the < represents a line in your file that is not in the solution. If you see a > sign then the output has a line that you don't have.

After the diff output, an od -c command displays both your output and the solutions output.

For the above example, your output od -c is...
0000000   H   e   l   l   o       W   o   r   l   d   .  \n  \n

The solution output is...
0000000   H   e   l   l   o       W   o   r   l   d  \n

Notice for the od output your soluton has 15 characters while the solution has only 13 characters. You can easily see the extra . and \n at the end of your solution.

The bottom portion of the Web page has...