Fruit Database

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Fruit Database is an oversimplified RDBMS (Relational Database), it is used to introduce students to SQL, RDBMS and JDBC. Videos on using SQL in connection with fruit database are available on blackboard. FruitThreadServerXML allows for the creation of client application that communicate dynamically to a server using XML data. Google suggest is an example of a client with a dynamic XML data link to a server. FruitThreadServerXML has an XML toggle, but doesn't support actual XML data streams. It can wrap query outputs in an XML tree, node names represent the corresponding table column names. You can view an active log file of fruitThreadServerXML.

Java Applet Programming Examples.....

FruitThreadServer has two Java applet viewers written to demonstrated its operational. The applets were written using the Model-View-Controller MVC design pattern. The model is the FruitThreadServerXML, viewer is the applet...

The controller is InventoryController and Select Controller. You can access the full Java API for fruitThreadServer at...

Future Upgrades

  1. Add a PHP/MySQL shopping cart
  2. Use PHP or JavaScript to get URL address
  3. Make FruitThreadServerXML support full XML
  4. Add a second database that has time stamps, viewgraphs illustrated 2nd database
  5. Add ActionScript interface waiting for ActionScript 3.0;