*  Always document your code,
 *  Experienced program know the importance of documentation
 *  Beginners will often cut corners
 *  You can lose points if each query is not properly documented.

#pma1 and 2 are done in the video
select "one"; 
select "two";
#pma3 Display contents of inventory
select "3";
#pma4 Display fruitID, sum( quantity ) for table: inventory 
select "4"; 
#pma5 Display Only Fruit Names Lexicographically
#pma5 note 5 will fail if either pma1 or pma2 are wrong
select "5";

#will do 6 and 7 in videos
#pma6 Display Contents of Fruit
#pma6 from 2nd least expensive, to 5th least expensive

#pma7 Display all Fruit Priced  > 1.0 (most expensive 1st)
select "7 missing 6";