Important Dates
First Week of Class Begins: Tuesday, 1/17/2017
First Class Meeting on: Tuesday, 1/17/2017
Add without Instructor Permission by: Monday, 1/16/2017
Last Day to Add with APC*: Sunday, 2/5/2017
Drop with Refund by: Sunday, 1/29/2017
Elect Pass/No Pass by: Thursday, 2/23/2017
Drop without 'W' Grade by: Sunday, 2/5/2017
Drop with 'W' Grade by: Wednesday, 4/12/2017
Last Week of Class Ends: Thursday, 5/25/2017

Spring 2017 Tentative Schedule

CS4B Java IV Web Applications

University Calendar

Week # Lecture

Orientation - Design of Successful Program last 15 Years and Next 25 years

Abstract Classes and Interfaces

2 Review cs4a Examples & Key points, Blackboard Quizzes: Review File I/O, Exceptions, BJ

Sets and Maps

Java FX Basics
Discuss MVC HPCalculator
Discuss JUnit Testing

4 HTML Intro & Home Page
Java FX Events, Java FX Advance, Java Web Start

Postponed not available yet for JavaFX; Discuss NetBeans GUI Builder


Chapter 29 Threads
Chapter 30 Networking - Sockets

7 Programming Contest Thursday

3/22..3/28 Spring Break


Intro JavaScript and PHP
Intro to SQL (Full set of Blackboard Videos)


NetBeans with MySQL (Blackboard Web-casts NetBeanss/MysQL)

Web-Cast MySQL - JDBC

11 Midterm Test In-class Individual Programming Contest
Intro JSP w HTML Forms

and Other w intro to JSP Model 2
Lab use JSTL and JSF to create Casino Dashboard


Intro XML, XSLT and XSD
AboutNumbers Blackboard Web-cast


XML & JAXP (Lab NetBeans JXC)
JSP Model 2 w JavaBeans

15 Java JDBC
16.6 Final Tuesday Exam 5/23/2017   3-5PM