class: cimp7b

First Week of Class Begins: Tuesday, 1/17/2023
Add without Instructor Permission by: Monday, 1/16/2023
Last Day to Add with APC*: Sunday, 2/5/2023
Drop with Refund by: Sunday, 1/29/2023
Elect Pass/No Pass by: Wednesday, 5/24/2023
Drop without "W" Grade by: Sunday, 2/5/2023
Drop with "W" Grade by: Thursday, 4/13/2023
Final Monday 5/8/2023
Extra Credit Due and Last Day of Class Monday 5/15/2023

CIMP 7B Java Spring 2023 Ticket 13065D
University Calendar
Week Ending Dates Canvas - Quizzes Available Quiz/Test Expiration use submit for Assignments* -
1 Intro Before Class Starts  

Intro &

2 Chapter 1-3 Quiz   Exercise1_4M and Population
3 String, Loops, Methods,  

DrivingCost and DaysMonth,

4 Chatper 4-6 Quiz   Exercise4_30M, and
5 Chapter 7 1D arrays   Exercise5_36
6 Week 2

7 Chapter 8 2D Arrays Week 4,

8 Midterm 1D/2D some 2-5 and

9 Spring Break starts 3/18; nothing due Monday 3/20
10 Spring Break ends 3/6; nothing due Monday 3/27
Chapter 9 Objects & Classes
week 5    Excecise8_1
12     Exercise8_12M
13 Chapter 10 Object Oriented Thinking   Exercise9_1
14     Exercise9_12
15 Chap 11 Inheritance and Polymorphism

week 9

16 Test 2   Exercise11_1M
17 Extra Chap 18 Exceptions   Class ends 5/15/23 Exercise 18_1M, may add other extra credit, asssignments
  Last Day is Wednesday 05/17/23 at 11 PM no assignments, quizzes or tests after Wednesday 05/17/23 11 PM

May add: 30 threads, 31 networking. or (10th edition chapters) or list/stack chap 20; sets and maps chap 21 or sorting or jdbc

Pace is ease in, but that means you have a lot due at the end, its best to work fast at the beginning, and ease out at the end.
It is permissible to complete assignments and quizzes ahead of schedule.
* Nota Bene Quizzes/Tests Officially Expire Monday Morning. However assignments can be submitted late, but are penalized by 25% 7 days late, and 50% after that