First Download and Install Java JDK, make sure its installed, Restart, Then Download and Install TextPad

Mac User Sumutron editor


Text Pad doesn't have Tools --> External --> Compile Java ....

you should see a jdk in the
program files/java folder
not just a jre
make sure you install textpad after installing Java
if not delete textpad, install java jdk,  then restart, install textpad
all else fails goto to textpad
configure --> Preferences : on Preferences Dialog double click tools --> on add button look fo java
if not add (dos Command)
Compile Java
Command:  javac.exe
Parameters: $File
Initial Folder: $FileDir
Java Application
command: java.exe
Parameters: -cp $BaseDir $FileDir $BaseName

Intial Folder: $FileDir

If the above run files try....

textpad java system preferences