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   Hello my name is Jonathan Molina and this is my personal school homepage hosted on the Saddleback College CIM Server. Below are the classes I have have or I am currently taking.

   If you want to know more information on the classes below just click on the class name. With each class I will post the original source and if possible instruction on how I got there so you can learn how I did it.

Thank You -Jon

Web Development: PHP/MySQL - CIM225 Fall 2006

Nothing for right now I am sorry. Please come back later.

Web Development: PHP/MySQL
Fall 2006
16 Weeks Online Course
CIM225 Ticket #21945
Online Class

Beginner Javascript - CIM269A Fall 2006

Chapter 01
Project 1-1
Project 1-2

Chapter 02

Project 2-1
Project 2-3
Chapter 03
Project 3-7
Case Project 3-1

Chapter 04

Project 4-5
Case Project 4-3
Project 4-2 (XTRA)
Beginner Javascript
Fall 2006 - BGS 212
1st 8 Weeks
Wednesday 7:00 - 10:00
CIM269A Ticket #19990
Room BGS212 Class Project - Click to see the project
My project was to use a framework and show it being used as well as giving an example of how it can be used in a real life scenario (this very page your on right now).

I created a Video Tutorial of how to apply an Accordion effect to div blocks in a page and create an hands on feel to the site. I did do my best on explaining how to do it as easily as possible in the video ... It took me many tries to get the video just as close to perfect as I could.

Cascading Style Sheets - CIM289 Spring 2006

Assignment:Remake Page from Image
Assignment 1
Assignment 1 - Monday 02/06/06
Project:CSS Class Site Remodel
Class Project
CSS Project - Monday 03/06/06
Cascading Style Sheets
Spring 2006 - BGS121
1st 8 Weeks
Monday 7:00 -10:00
CIM289 Ticket #20660
Room BGS121

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