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Web Design Course Offerings Next Two Years - Saddleback Certicates Main Page
First Five Steps in Completing All Web Design Classes, includes videos describing courses and Web technologies.

To obtain a certificate you need to submit petition of certification completion, about 2-3 months before graduation date.

Current Web Design Certificate Required Courses
  • CIMW 100A/B (formely CIM271A/B )XHTML
  • (Course Waiver form using cimw115 DW/WP) - CIMW 110A/B, (formerly CIM278A/B) Dreamweaver
  • (Course Waiver form using either cimw240/CIMW140* CSS/RWD ) CIMW 220 2D/3D Web and Mobile Animation
  • CIM274A Photoshop (Fall 2017 course waiver CIMW 134 Photoshop - Video Editing)
  • CIMW 280 Portfolio/Capstone (formerly CIM298) Capstone (Spring last 8 Weeks)
  • 6 Units of Tentative Electives
    CIMW105 SQL or CIMW245/CIMW145 PHP or CIMW250A ASP or CIMW260/CIMW160 JavaScript jQuery, CIMW240/CIMW140 CSS or CIMW274B PhotoShop
* Beginning Fall/2016 cimw240 CSS/RWD will become the CSU transfer credit cimw140 CSS/RWD; CIMW260 is replaced with CIMW160.
Future Web Design Certificate Required Courses
  • CIMW 100A HTML / CIMW274A Photoshop
  • CIMW 115 Creating Web Pages
  • CIMW 280 Portfolio/Capstone (formerly CIM298) Capstone (Spring last 8 Weeks)
  • 7.5 Units of Tentative Electives From:
    CIMW105 SQL or CIMW145 PHP or CIMW250A ASP or CIMW160 JavaScript or CIMW220 Flash or CIMW100B HTML or CIMW274B PhotoShop
Current E-Commerce
  • CIMW240/140 CSS
  • CIMW110A ((Course Waiver form using cimw115 DW/WP for cimw110A/110B)
  • CIMW280 Capstone
  • 9 Units of Tentative Electives from:
  • BUS 135 Marketing or CIMW245 PHP/E-Commerce or CIMS200 Information Security or CIMA106 Access
    Course Waivers for Tentative Electives: cimp 7a Intro Java or cimw 105 SQL/MYSQL or cimw 260 JavaScript
Possible Future E-Commerce
  • CIMW 115 DW/Wordpress
  • CIMW 105 SQL
  • CIMW 160 JavaScript/jQuery
  • CIMW 140 CSS/RWD
  • CIMW280 Capstone
  • 7.5 Units of Tentative Electives from:
  • Tentative Electives: BUS 135 Marketing or CIMWv145 PHP/E-Commerce or CIMS200 Information Security or CIMA106 Access or: cimp 7a Intro Java , cimp 7b,
Tentative Low End Certificates (12--17.9 Units Each) Being Considered
Tentative Skills Awards
Mobile Design Specialist or
Mobile Developer or
Mobile App Creator
Web Developer Java Expert Programmer
cimp7a Intro java cimp 7a Java cimp7a Intro java I or cs1a
cimp 230 Android & Android Advance cimw 250 ASP.net cimp7b Advance Java II or cs1b
cimw 140 CSS/CSS3/RWD cimw 145 PHP cs4a Advance Java III
IOS or cimw 160 JavaScript/jQuery/Bootstrap cimw160 JavaScript cs4b Advance Java IV Web Applications
cimw 105 SQL cimw 105 SQL cimp230 or cimw 105 SQL or cimw160 JavaScript

Will most likely combine all three into a single certifcate with a name like Mobile Web Developer

Web Master Certificate
  • cimp7a Intro Java
  • cimn 230 Intro Unix
  • cimn 200 Intro Networking
  • cimn 210 Network Essentials
  • cimw 250a ASP 3.5units
  • cimw 280 Capstone
  • 3 Units Restricted electives: cimw240/140 CSS, cimp 7b Java II, cimw100a HTML, cimw105 SQL, cimn 240 Linux System Admin, cimn 250 Networking and Security, ciw 250 ASP.net Advance, cims200 Information Security
Application Developer
  • cimp5 Visual Basic 3.5 Units
  • cimp7a Intro Java 3Units
  • cimw 105 SQL 3Units
  • cimw 250a ASP 3.5units

  • Restricted electives 5-7 Units: cim7b java 2, cimn200 intro networking, cimw 250 Operating Systems: linux, cimw245 PHP &CMS/WordPress E-Commerce, cimw250 Network and security, cimw 250B asp.net advance, cimw260 JavaScript Frameworks jQuery and AJAX